Webservices Checklist

In my last job, I helped create some webservices. In the process, I learnt a thing or two about webservices. Here is a list of things that can help you create better webservices

  1. Standards compliance
  2. Consistent with one anonther
  3. Fast and Efficient
    • Response time
    • Memory allocation
    • Algorithm
  4. Load testing
  5. Validations
    • Client level
    • Server controller level
    • Server model level
  6. Request format
  7. Request validation
  8. Response format
  9. Response validation
  10. Exception handling
    • Server logging
    • Server mail alerts to developers
    • Recovery
    • Response to client
  11. Versioning
  12. Webservices update strategy
  13. Dependencies: third party frameworks and their deprecations
  14. Deprecation of webservices
  15. Scalability
  16. Documentation
  17. Security

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