iTunes Link Maker

You have burnt the midnight oil over the last few months and finally submitted your app to the Mac App Store. Apple has approved it. Now comes the time to embed your app’s App Store link into your product website. Enter iTunes Link Maker.

On iTunes Link Maker, search for your app by providing the right parameters. Your app should appear in the search results. Click on the “Mac App Link” and you can get the direct link to your app or a small/large embeddable html code for a button. The button assets are provided by Apple servers. Cool right!! Go ahead and use it on your product website.

I wanted the behavior on link click to open the app page on iTunes in the browser and also open the App Store app on Mac with the app details. The iTunes Link Maker link I got for my app

was just opening the app page in the browser but didn’t open the App Store app on Mac so I had to change it to

to get the desired behavior.

If you wish to add your app’s link in the app bundle before submitting to App Store for say “Rate Us” or “Write A Review” implementation etc., you can use the following code snippet in your app

[[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:macappstore://]];

This code opens the app page in the App Store app. An app gets assigned an id (870188888) the moment you create it in the iTunesConnect portal.


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